Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Pink Panther

So here it is, my pink panther walk cycle, it is definatly my favourite assignment thus far.


Kevin Gomez said...

Hey, I really like your panther walk.
Your tail actually goes with your walk, and the head movement looks great. The rest is just as good.

Garth Laidlaw said...

Victor this is awesome. Yours would have easily gotten the most laughs if Dan's panther wasn't on steroids haha.

Victor Preto said...

Thanks Kevin, ya im quite happy with the head movement, cause i was changing it during my cleanup, i thought it was going to come out much worse than it did haha

haha, Thanks Garth, ya Dans panther was awesome, im using it as my excuse for my fast walk, my panther took a glimps at Dans panther and emidiatly picked up his pase lol