Sunday, 17 October 2010

Full Body Stop Motion

We were practicing stop motion character movement, and it is actually a lot of fun, a completely different way of animating, but still so much fun to do. This is my attempt at getting the whole body movement, and even a little bit of a step, my character is offering his hand in a dramatic fashion.

3D Walk Cycle

This is my first attempt at character animation on a 3D program, and I rather enjoyed it, I see a few things I would like to tweak up and will do so and try to post that one up, and I should also find out the proper way to export the file.
This is a front view up shot of my 3D Walk Cycle.

Caricatures and Sketches

Here are some Caricatures, and Sketches I've done of friends, teachers, people in the caff and doctors office, life drawing models, inatimate objects, aliens, myself as a crossdressing prostitute with a bowlingball up the skirt, and Eric Goldberg since starting school, ive compiled them all into a few pages so here they are.

Action Analysis

So one of the big assignments we are doing this year, is an action analysis assignment it mixes in animation, layout and even a bit of story. For my action analysis I wanted to have a baseball player swinging a bat.
First I have my concepts for layout, which would be a baseball field, thought I would have my player playing for the big leagues, so the field would have to look quite big and fancy.

Second is an idea I had for a pan but now am thinking of a different idea, which would work better I think

Third is my thumbnail for my animation, more or less what my character will be doing. And also some character poses in the bottom, to show more or less the characters final look.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

New Character Designs

These are a few new Character Designs I've done for school so far.
First up is Lary, he is a 'special' monster, that enjoys urinating on people, he has crab hands, a pickeled body, and refuses to wear clothes.

Second is Chad and Amy they are a highschool couple, Chad is a non-stereotypical jock that plays for the football team, and only has eyes for his girl Amy, and Amy is a sweet cheerleader that has the heart of gold, and gets frightened easily.

Third is Burrito Man, he is an energetic Mexican dressed in a taco suit, to promote his business of Taco's and Burritos.

Fourth is Gary and Sock Girl, Gary is a 12 year old boy that has braces and head gear, thinks he is a super hero, and has a sock puppet for a girlfriend, Sock Girl is Garys girlfriend, she is very energetic, funny, loves Gary very much, and if you didn't know better you would think she were real to.

Fifth is Granny, she is Larys grandmother. She is a monster created by scientists, that were trying to splice the genes of an octopus with a slug, but a pickle fell in and Granny was born, she enjoys baking placenta chip cookies, watching her monster soaps, and knitting sweaters out of kittens.

Last is a concept design of Chads car, I figured it would be an old car with a few dents and scratches that his parents chipped in to buy him.