Saturday, 26 September 2009

First Post of Second Year

Fist is my character lineup for the story beat assignment, the quality isnt so good since i scanned the original then printed it out, then scanned it again.

Secondly is my storybeats it took me a while to do this assignment since my peers kept shooting down all my ideas, i then came up with this idea, which few didnt like until they saw it drawn out, and Nacy seemed to like it to some extent, other then the first panel for the placement of the bear, and the last pannel as to quote Nacy, "it looks as if the bear has got exploding diarrhea," haha, she is awesome.

Thirdly ive got my rough Painting idea, pretty much step for step as to what i did.

An Edit on my rouch colour test, Mike told me to keep the colous more like the tonals, and to change the 'grassy' area to a cooler colour so i figured that this would do...

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Can Everyone Do Me A Small Favor

My brother Carlos and his friend Chris have been working on a project called Shoppin Santa, they have been working excessively hard on this production day and night for the last month, to get it in for the Aniboom Fox competition! The winners of the competition get a cash prize and a development deal to work on a new show for Fox!! Here is the link to the video!

(i dont know how to make the link work just yet, so if you could just copy and paste it, that would be awesome, thanks :)

I would appreciate it, if everyone would vote for them!!