Thursday, 19 June 2008

A Bad Day For A Boxer


noodlenoggen said...

Hallo! I found you through Nicole Kozak - another 1st year animation student! I'll stick you up on my links list. :)

Also: you shouldn't be highlighting with white or darkening with black! Things don't do that in real life, so it looks a bit silly on art. I'll do you up an example to show ya what I mean. :)

noodlenoggen said...
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noodlenoggen said...

(forgot to put the links in the last one, dur)

Here we go. With only black and white shading: Here

And with shading that has a bit of colour to it: Here

See what I mean? That's not to say that you can never use black or white for shading or anything - just don't use ONLY black for shadows and ONLY white for highlights. I'd only use it id it's very bright light, and so the shadows cast would be very dark, but even then it wouldn't be solid black -some variation on the edges, most likely. Well, for semi-realistic shading anyway.

I hope that this makes sense to you!

Victor Preto said...

hey good to meet you deven, so your gonna be a first year animator as well eh, thats cool. and straight out of highschool, thats impresive.

and thanks for the link and criticism ill add a link to you as well.
but ya, i do know the black and white rule (learned it in painting class), i was just trying to work a new style out, thought it would look good this way, although ive still got a lot to learn :P