Saturday, 23 April 2011

Animations I did for the Group Film

These are scenes in the film I Animated/helped work on.

Scene 16A in the Group Film.
What I did:
Everything in this scene!

Scene 35A in the Group Film.
What I did:
Layout Line work only!
Rough animation and clean up and colour/shadow on both characters
animated the path of death and composited the scene.
The talented Nooree Kim painted the background.

Scene 49 in the Group Film.
What I did:
Rough animation, clean up, colour, shadow, composited.
The talented Brittany Stewart drew the layout and the talented Megan Hillman painted it.

Scene 20A in the Group Film.
What I did:
Rough animation on the Girl character
Cleanup on Boy, Dog, and Girl characters
Colour on Girl Character
Animated the path of death, and composited the scene.
The talented Elva Wang drew and painted the background, and the talented Dean Heezen Rough animated and tied down the boy and dog animation.


Abe Taraky said...

wonderful work VICTOR, this stuff is awesome. Fluid animations with tons of personality.

Victor Preto said...

Thanks Abe, I think you are great as well :)

Nikki said...

Hey..your blog is very amazing, I love to visit everyday..
Don't forget to visit my blog too
Thank you :)

Seema said...

nice work! loved your guy's film, it was definitely one of the best! :)

Victor Preto said...

Thanks, it was an interesting experience to say the least haha, you will find out soon enough :P

Mike Nassar said...

awesome to see this stuff again, great work man. when we gonna see a blog update now that you're back in good on Canadia?!

Victor Preto said...

haha im not sure maybe in the next month or 2

Usemeplz said...

Thx for describing the whole process,at first I only have seen videos, but didn't understand details, and then I read description, and it really helped me.

Ivan Aguirre said...

Victor! thanks for the blog love! your blog is great and the work seems solid!! keep up the good work! im sure your final film will kick ass! keep goin man!